Penetration Testing Services

Achromatic Security prides itself on utilising staff with a diverse range of technical capabilities. We can provide and apply our capabilities to most areas within the information technology arena; and if we can’t we will always point you in the direction of someone that can help you. Achromatic Security go above and beyond the conventional penetration test as we can provide free retests once the applicable security issues have been fixed ensuring that the security posture of your application/network/infrastructure hasn’t been effected by the changes.

Web Application Testing

The penetration testers at Achromatic Security have been performing web application tests for several years, with 100% client satisfaction to date. As previous developers they understand the common mistakes that development teams can make when overlooking the security controls required to mitigate against attacks. Post penetration test, Achromatic Security can integrate with development teams to help you apply the correct security principals to ensure future iterations of the application are more secure.

We often develop new and exciting techniques to exploit otherwise secure web applications so also keep an eye out on the tools section of this site for POCs of these techniques.
We perform web application penetration tests to the OWASP testing standard.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile devices are now ingrained into our everyday lives; as such more and more organisations are concentrating on developing mobile applications for their offerings. Security it often overlooked as part of a mobile applications development cycle with usability taking precedence, and as such end users’ are put at serious risk.

At Achromatic Security we have years of experience in both developing mobile applications and testing the security posture of bespoke applications. Our team can provide testing services for a wide range of operating systems and also test the security controls of BYOD solutions implemented by organisations.

We can also provide consultation solutions during your development life-cycle to aid in apply the correct security principals during development.

Infrastructure Testing

From individual host security audits through to full network infrastructure penetration tests Achromatic Security can help. Here at Achromatic Security we have years of experience identifying weaknesses in an organisations infrastructure before a attacker does and it effects everyday operations including the reputation of the business.

We apply techniques based on our experience that locate weaknesses in some of the most secure systems; ensuring that customers can a unique personal experience ensuring that they have a stronger security posture post engagement.

At Achromatic Security we often develop new techniques and tools which we apply to both security audits and penetration tests; so keep an eye out on the blog and the upcoming tools section for new releases!

Network/Wireless Testing

One our specialties here at Achromatic Security is Network/Wireless penetration tests. Our testers often devise new techniques to reverse engineer and exploit a wide range of  protocols. They have also published research papers showing the common flaws that users’ and organisations perform when configuring 802.11 wireless networks. We develop bespoke tools and scripts to automate the process of exploiting network services; we also apply our network forensics skill sets to analyse and potentially exploit these services.

We have the equipment and technical skills to test the conventional protocols such 802.11, bluetooth, NFC and also some more unique and bespoke protocols that may be utilised within IOT devices.