Operational Security

Protecting your network is a largely technical challenge which requires careful planning and implementation. However, even the most technically secure organisation must consider the information they unknowingly disclose. OPSEC (Operational Security) weak points open the door to other attack vectors which can present serious risk to your business. Social Engineering attacks are aided significantly by OPSEC failure and are a highly successful method of gaining access to even the most hardened network. Social Engineers craft bespoke and often complex attacks against their targets in order to win trust, go unnoticed, and facilitate larger scale attacks against an organisation or one of its associates (In several cases we have witnessed as incident responders, the companies we were assisting were simply stepping stones towards an end goal, and the target was an external party).

How can we help you?

Achromatic Security will identify and review the information you leak, perform specially crafted tests, and can even educate your staff to give you the best possible chance of defendingĀ against OPSEC related failures.

Here is an example of some of the typical information unknowingly leaked by many organisations:

  • Business relationships and client information
  • Up-coming product information and business ventures
  • Employee details
  • Technical information relating to infrastructure and security mechanisms
  • Key members of staff
  • Network account information and naming conventions

As you might imagine, this information being in the public domain can often be used to devastating effect and furthermore could even be considered a breach of some non-disclosure agreements with your clients.

The beauty of OPSEC is that it is more about education than expensive equipment and infrastructure. Forethought costs very little, and has a huge benefit.

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