Who are Achromatic Security?

Achromatic Security is a cyber security consultancy that offers boutique services to a range of clients across the globe. One key doesn’t fit all when it comes to cyber security and we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our techniques and deliverables around your requirements. Our staff have a wide range of experience from helping some of the largest organisations across the globe, to small boutique organisations that would like to become more security aware.

Here at Achromatic Security we are passionate about technology and cyber security. Our technical understanding and ability to liaise with system administrators, developers, through to stakeholders differentiate us from most. To find out how we could help you visit the services section of our site.

Penetration Testing, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Cyber Security

Our Services

Achromatic Security Ltd offer a wide range of cyber security services which can be tailored to suit your needs. contact us for more information.

Web-app Pentesting

Are you concerned about the security of your web application? We can help. Click here to find out more.

Mobile App Pentesting

Mobile application security is one of our specialties. From closed to Crystal-box testing, API to integration. We offer it all.

Network Pentesting

Network, Wireless, or Cloud; We can provide you with critical feedback on the security posture of your network.


Whether you are experiencing a breach or looking to put in place the measures to react pro-actively when one occurs we can help. We have a vast range of knowledge and experience from deep dive forensics to live analysis.

Secure Development

Are you concerned your source-code isn’t up to scratch? Sansitisation an alien concept? You should consider a Source-code review or even our specialist developer training.

Operational Security

We use the information you don’t know you are leaking to target attack vectors most people probably don’t even know exist. Social Engineering, open-source reconnaissance, and much more.

Fresh from the blog

Here you will find a list of our latest blog posts. More can be found by clicking the link in the header.

Achromatic Security Bulk WhoIS script stdout

Bulk Whois Data

| Incident Response, Network Forensics, Python, Tools | No Comments
This is a quick post to demonstrate how you can utilise the bulk whois tool we have just pushed to our github. It is a script that was built a...
Sniffing SNIs from SSL/TLS connections

SNI Sniffing

| Incident Response, Network Forensics, SNI, SSL/TLS | No Comments
SSL/TLS is awesome right? For most things definitely! But maybe not so much when it comes to network forensics! Especially given that the data we want to access in order...
Achromatic Security Treasure Hunt

Upcoming Treasure Hunt

| Treasure Hunt | No Comments

In the coming months we will be kicking off our very first Cyber Security Treasure Hunt. The details are a little up in the air right now as there is still…

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